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The LuRong Summertime Challenge workouts will be posted as the regular workout of the day every Tuesday until the end of the challenge. Each Monday evening, we'll set up a table with updated scorecards, measuring tape, and detailed instructions for the following day. Please review the workout videos and standards in advance to help things move along. Have fun and celebrate every victory along the way!

Rachel Pepin

As a child growing up I can remember spending many hours in the car racing from one activity to the other. I started as a dancer, taking 5 different types of dance, with the local dance company in my small town. I was the type of kid who wanted to do everything, and not just for fun, but to be the best! Just in case all those classes weren’t enough I also became involved in other physical activities such as; twirling baton (weird I know), gymnastics, tennis, softball, field hockey, and lastly cross country. For me “time to be a kid” meant conquering the next challenge. This constant flow of activities took me through my school years until graduation; where I left for a new adventure into the “big city” of New York.

In New York I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology; yet another facet to my personality, the world of fashion, obtaining my degree in Fashion Merchandise and Marketing. Upon graduating, I quickly grew to realize that the business world wasn’t for me. I knew that I couldn’t sit behind a desk all day, or be confined in a small space, crunching numbers and arguing with buyers over the phone. I wanted to do something that I felt passionate about, where I could make a difference in someone’s life. That’s when I remembered all the days I would skip a class to workout, or enjoy a run by the Hudson; it was those moments that I felt the most alive! I knew then I had found what I wanted with my career path, and more importantly, what I wanted my life to look like. I wanted the chance to pursue a career in the athletic health field and bring the same passion to others through personal training. It was as though a light switch had been turned on inside myself and I knew I had to run full throttle into making my dream a reality. The first step was my move to Connecticut, where I would have the time, opportunity, and support of family behind me.

In the few short months of moving to East Haven, I met a woman who became a close friend, and it was she who first introduced me to the world of Crossfit. It was on that very first day that I knew this was the arena I was meant to find, I was hooked! I vividly recall calling her after my first class and saying this is it, I have to become a part of this philosophy of fitness. Knowing I am a person of strong convictions, and maybe even a bit obsessive, I began the journey.

This brings me to today, and my belief that Crossfit is more then just a way of working out; but life changing. Crossfit has taught me to be open minded, self- accepting, and has provided me with the mental strength to tackle anything that comes into my life, but most importantly; it has taught me to NEVER give up! Whenever self –doubt or negative thoughts enter my mind, I stop and think about how fortunate I am to be healthy and to be able to do what I truly love. How many others get to experience that!

It is here that I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dave, Lauren and Kelly for allowing me to be a part of Shoreline Crossfit, where the positive environment allows me to be myself while also feeling embraced into their family.