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Rachel Pepin

As a child growing up I can remember spending many hours in the car racing from one activity to the other. I started as a dancer, taking 5 different types of dance, with the local dance company in my small town. I was the type of kid who wanted to do everything, and not just for fun, but to be the best! Just in case all those classes weren’t enough I also became involved in other physical activities such as; twirling baton (weird I know), gymnastics, tennis, softball, field hockey, and lastly cross country. For me “time to be a kid” meant conquering the next challenge. This constant flow of activities took me through my school years until graduation; where I left for a new adventure into the “big city” of New York.

In New York I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology; yet another facet to my personality, the world of fashion, obtaining my degree in Fashion Merchandise and Marketing. Upon graduating, I quickly grew to realize that the business world wasn’t for me. I knew that I couldn’t sit behind a desk all day, or be confined in a small space, crunching numbers and arguing with buyers over the phone. I wanted to do something that I felt passionate about, where I could make a difference in someone’s life. That’s when I remembered all the days I would skip a class to workout, or enjoy a run by the Hudson; it was those moments that I felt the most alive! I knew then I had found what I wanted with my career path, and more importantly, what I wanted my life to look like. I wanted the chance to pursue a career in the athletic health field and bring the same passion to others through personal training. It was as though a light switch had been turned on inside myself and I knew I had to run full throttle into making my dream a reality. The first step was my move to Connecticut, where I would have the time, opportunity, and support of family behind me.

In the few short months of moving to East Haven, I met a woman who became a close friend, and it was she who first introduced me to the world of Crossfit. It was on that very first day that I knew this was the arena I was meant to find, I was hooked! I vividly recall calling her after my first class and saying this is it, I have to become a part of this philosophy of fitness. Knowing I am a person of strong convictions, and maybe even a bit obsessive, I began the journey.

This brings me to today, and my belief that Crossfit is more then just a way of working out; but life changing. Crossfit has taught me to be open minded, self- accepting, and has provided me with the mental strength to tackle anything that comes into my life, but most importantly; it has taught me to NEVER give up! Whenever self –doubt or negative thoughts enter my mind, I stop and think about how fortunate I am to be healthy and to be able to do what I truly love. How many others get to experience that!

It is here that I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dave, Lauren and Kelly for allowing me to be a part of Shoreline Crossfit, where the positive environment allows me to be myself while also feeling embraced into their family.