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Tuesday 03-31-15

10 Minute EMOM of:

Even Minutes: 3-6 Pull Up Negatives, slow eccentric (see note)
Odd Minutes: 3-6 Tempo Push Ups, slow eccentric

Note: Get into a ½ second static hold with chin over bar, then slowly come down. Feel free to kip, use a band, or jump off a box into this position.

Fitness WOD:
10 Burpee Pull Ups + 300 M Run, rest 1 min
20 DB Complex + 200 M Run, rest 1 min
300 M DB Farmers Carry + 100 M Run, use same DBs as complex

Dumbbell Complex: 2 DB Push Ups + 1 Left Arm DB Row + 1 Right Arm DB Row

100 Strict Sit Ups for time- anchor feet

Fitness Program Description


Tuesday 03-31-15

10 Minute EMOM of:

Mins 0-5: 1-3 Weighted Strict Pull Ups
Mins 6-10: 3-5 Strict Pull Ups, try connect reps

Note: a pull up is not only the eccentric but the concentric as well. If possible, try to connect your reps to benefit from the full range of motion.

10 Muscle Ups + 300 M Run, rest 1 min
20 Strict Ring Dips + 200 M Run, rest 1 min
30 Chest to Bar Pull Ups + 100 M Run

100 Strict Sit Ups for time- no anchor

Performance Program Description

Competitor WOD

Saturday 03-28-15

I’m going to ask everyone to be creative tomorrow or ask LP for a little something-something.

Competitor Program Description

Competitors submit your results/times HERE.

Teens WOD

Thursday 01-29-15

Come see what Coach Dave has up his sleeves for you today!

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Masters WOD

Sunday 03-29-15

5 Rounds of:

10 Toes to Bar
10 Box Jumps
10 KB Swings
100 M Run

Kids WOD

Tuesday 03-31-15

WARMUP: Squat Tag

SKILL WORK: MedBall Clean-Wall Balls

WOD: Roll the Dice AMRAP
MedBall Clean Wall Balls
Bear Crawl
Hurdle Jumps
*Roll the dice for how many reps to do