" SAYoga Flow!" Shoreline athletics offers a well-rounded balanced approach to elite fitness. We are pleased to announce a NEW Yoga Mobility Class with Kai at 10:45 -12:00 every Saturday. SA Members $12 Drop-in $15 Bring a friend & a mat. All levels w/ some yoga experience.
SPECIALTY CLINICS WITH MEG: Weekly specialty clinics will restart on Thursday, September 22nd at 5:30 pm. For any questions or special request on a skill please email megin@shorelinecrossfit.com.


Friday 10-21-16

A1: BB RDL 3 x 5 @20X1 @60% of 1rm Back Squat, rest 60 sec
A2: Banded Glute Bridge 3 x 30 Smooth, rest 60 sec

B: 11 Minutes of Open Workout 13.4ish
3 Clean and Jerks @115/75
3 TTB / Hanging Knee Raises
6 Clean and Jerks @115/75
6 TTB / Hanging Knee Raises
9 Clean and Jerks @115/75
9 TTB / Hanging Knee Raises
12 Clean and Jerks @115/75
12 TTB / Hanging Knee Raises
15 Clean and Jerks @115/75
15 TTB / Hanging Knee Raises
1000m Recovery Run @Z1 (find a partner that you can chat with throughout the run)

Score: Completed round plus total additional reps

Conditioning Program Description


Friday 10-21-16

Strength & Skill:
A. Clean Grip Deadlifts, NO TEMPO, 3 X 3, rest 2 mins
– this should be heavier than your recent TEMPO CGDLs
B. Power Cleans, build to a heavy single in 7 attempts
– once technique fails, stop building until you correct the fault

In Teams of 2:

15 Minute Running Clock:
1 K Row as “Buy-In”
18-30-42-56 of:
TnG Deadlifts @ 155/105
Wall Balls 20/14
Box Jumps 24/20″
– Split reps as equally as possible
– The workouts stops after any team completes 56 reps

Score: time or reps completed.

Symmetry Program Description