****Memorial Day Murph! This Monday 9 am ONLY!****

The LuRong Summertime Challenge workouts will be posted as the regular workout of the day every Tuesday until the end of the challenge. Each Monday evening, we'll set up a table with updated scorecards, measuring tape, and detailed instructions for the following day. Please review the workout videos and standards in advance to help things move along. Have fun and celebrate every victory along the way!


Sunday 05-29-16

In Teams of 2 Complete For Time:
500m Row
400m Run
375m Row
300m Run
250m Row
200m Run
125m Row
100m Run

Each team member must complete the distances shown before moving to the next.

Partner A: 500m Row
Partner B: 500m Row
Partner A: 400m Run
Partner B: 400m Run

Conditioning Program Description


Tuesday 05-31-16

Warm Up:
Coaches Choice
3 RM Push Press
– Build up with single repetitions and then attempt a 3RM
– Limit your attempts to 2 real attempts after your prepped

LuRong Challenge:
This workout is an AMRAP of 3 different barbell lifts. The workout last for 8 total minutes with 6 minutes of work time and 2 minutes of rest. There’s a 1 minute rest between movements.

2 Minute AMRAP of Deadlifts:
Guys: L3: 275, L2: 185, L1: 95 lbs
Girls: L3: 195, L2: 125, L1: 65 lbs

2 Minute ARMAP Back Squat:
Guys: L3: 225, L2: 135, L1: Air Squats
Girls: L3: 145, L2: 85, L1: Air Squats

2 Minute ARMAP Shoulder to Overhead:
Guys: L3: 185, L2: 95, L1: 45 lbs
Girls: L3: 105, L2: 55, L1: 35 lbs

– 1 minute rest between movements.
– Score is total reps and performance level.

****Deload Workout Option****

2 Minute AMRAP of Russian Swings
– put bell down every 25 secs
2 Minute AMRAP of Walking Lunges
2 Minute AMRAP of Cals Rowed
– Rest 1 minute between movements

Double Arm Tricep Kick Backs, 3-4 X 8-10 reps, rest as needed

Symmetry Program Description