Thursday 07-24-14

Strength & Skill:
With a 10 min running clock
A1. Bench Press, 10,8,6,4,2, build up to a double with form
A2. Rope Climbs, 5 X 1, a valid attempt at locking the feet

Note: if you can’t perform a rope climb currently because of the lack of upper body pulling strength, practice the skill of locking or clamping your feet. I’ve you’ve got that aspect down, attempt 2-3 pulls up the rope and come back down. If this isn’t an option, substitute 2 modified rope climbs instead.
5 Mins active rest (put equipment away and prep)
Workout Option #1:
8 Rounds for time of:
12 Sit Ups- anchor feet
8 Burpee Plate Hops- no clap (scale as needed)


Workout Option #2:
16 Rounds for time of:

4 Toes to Bar or Rings
4 Burpee Plate Hops- no clap

Fitness Program Description


Thursday 07-24-14

Strength & Skill:
With a 10 min running clock
A1. Bench Press, 5,4,3,2,1, build up to a tough single
A2. Rope Climbs, 5 X 1, don’t rush; think technique

Note: be technical on the rope climbs and conserve your energy for the bench press. Lock your feet in and pull yourselves to the top in 2-3 moves.
5 Mins Active Rest (put equipment away and prep)
8 Rounds for time of:
8 Toes to Bar- must make contact
8 Burpee Plate Hops- no clap

Performance Program Description

Competitor WOD

Thursday 07-24-14

Workout (AM):
A. Squat Clean and Jerk, build to a max
B. Squat Clean and Jerk, 6 singles @ 85% of A
5 Rounds of:
30 Wall Balls 20/14#- try to go unbroken
AMRAP Muscle Ups

Rest 3-5 mins between rounds.

Note: After the wall balls, go right into the muscle up amrap. If you can’t connect at least 3 muscle ups each rounds, instead perform 3-5 broken muscle ups (1-1-1) or (2-1-1-1-1).
Workout (PM):
10 Rounds @ easy pace:
1 Min rowing
1 Min running
1 Min Mobility- be creative, keep heart rate up
1 Min Airdyne
1 min Gymnastics- doubles,hs walks, wall walks, L-sit, etc..

Note: This workout is for the newer comp athlete or the person that needs engine work.

Competitor Program Description

Competitors submit your results/times HERE.

Teens WOD

Tuesday 07-15-14

STRENGTH: 5 x 3 Front Squats

WOD: 12 minute AMRAP
3 Front Squats
3 Pushups
20 Jump Ropes
6 Front Squats
6 Pushups
20 Jump Ropes
9 Front Squats
9 Pushups
20 Jump Ropes
*repeat starting from the beginning
**Advanced athletes scale up to Handstand Pushups and Double Unders

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Masters WOD

Sunday 07-20-14

24 Min EMOM of:

Tire Flips 6-8 Light/4-5 Heavy
Strict Press 8-10
Ring Dips 8-10/P-Bar Dips 6-8 (Perfect)
Stone Carry 50M

For the stone carry, use a variety of holds (right shoulder, left shoulder, front carry, etc.) throughout the workout.

Kids WOD

Thursday 07-24-14

WARMUP: CrossFit Baseball! Single- 5 Box Jumps, Double – 5 Push ups, Triple – 5 Squats, Home Run – 3 Burpees

SKILL WORK: Hang Power Cleans & Push Press

Tarzan Swing
Plank Walks
Hang Power Cleans
Push Press