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At Shoreline CrossFit, we use Functional Fitness to get the average person to look and feel their best. Our average client usually has limited time for exercise and understands that fitness is a lifestyle and not looking for a quick fix.

Our program includes all the fun stuff you can’t do at a regular gym like Wall Ball tosses, flipping tires, ALL the burpees, Jump Roping, Rowing, Power Lifts, Olympic Lifts, and all different sorts of bodyweight movements. At the end of the week, you’ll see a variety of over 50 different movements that don’t overlap and make each workout feel like a fun and interesting circuit. At the end of the class, most people air five each other and smile knowing they did THEIR very best!

With a diverse client base, both age and experience, we ensure that each one of our members gets a unique challenging workout based on their fitness level and not the marathon runner or bodybuilder type. With a top notch coaching staff, we’ll keep you safe and teach you something new each class.

While we are a Crossfit Affiliate, we use not only CrossFit principles but also pull from some of the best coaches and training systems in the world, blending it all into a unique and effective program. Our program is methodical and determined by individuals with a mastery of the craft of programming. We use a combination of strength training, bodyweight movements, gymnastics skills, mobility work, and much more! Each workout is scaled to your fitness level so you can maximize results in each 45-minute class.

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