A few years back, I had a personal client, who had several grandchildren. I adored our trainer-client relationship; training her was incredibly fulfilling. 

When I first starting training her, I came to understand her purpose. She was very active and didn’t seem as if she was in need of a trainer. Nonetheless, she chose to train at Shoreline CrossFit. 

During our first training session, she revealed her “why.” I won’t discuss the exact details of our conversions, however, she wanted to be prepared in the event that one of her grandchildren ever needed her to act swiftly.  What if one of them was running toward the street? What if one fell in the water? What if something were to fall atop of one on her watch? Her why may be different from a collegiate softball player, but nevertheless, worth training.

But let’s put ourselves in my client’s shoes and answer this question: what’s your why? Before you answer, continue to read along…

I can tell from experience, it’s a moving target and can change as life changes. 

Over the years, I’ve heard it all from wanting to lower one’s cholesterol, get over a breakup, a high school reunion, addiction, train for the CrossFit Games, or simply wanting to look good naked. They all sound like great reasons to pursue a higher level of fitness, but it’s the individuals who know their why who ultimately stay the course.

You see, staying consistent is freaking hard. But if you can pinpoint your why, when things get challenging, it becomes a beacon of light.

I challenge you to engage in self-reflection and find the reason(s) that you embarked on your journey with us, or what your fitness Zen looks like.  Because what I can say is that the aforementioned client accomplished what she probably never thought she could simply because she knew her purpose.