Micro Goals…


Micro Goals…

As Coaches, we want our clients to have lofty and massive goals. The bigger the better, right?!

To help define these types of goals, we’ll call them “Macro” goals.

We love seeing your celebration post on social media and in a way, we live vicariously through your successes!

But over the last 12+ years, we’ve seen that unrealistic-aggressive goals without a plan usually leads to disappointment.

So why not start with a smaller goal and build from there?

We’ll call those “Micro” goals.

In comparison to Macro goals, we want our Micro goals to appear easily attainable.

Here’s a simple example of how to apply a micro goal at the gym…

When I row 2000 meters, I don’t think about the whole distance. Most if not all of the time, I only focus on 100m at a time and when I finish 100 meters, I start thinking about the next 100 meters, making sure I’m in control of my breathing and have consistently strong strokes. Before I know it, I’m done with my row and feeling accomplished.

Now how can you apply this mindset to your fitness and/or health?

How about committing to the gym 2 days a week in January, 3 days a week in February, and 4 days a week in March?


How about simply drinking 2 extra cups of water a day starting today, then next week aim 3-4 cups extra a day, and in February aim for 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water.

Doesn’t this all sound more doable?

Micro goals are like fuel, and they help sustain motivation. With each Micro goal accomplished, you get one step closer to achieving your Macro goal.

Be easy on yourself and set appropriate Micro goals. Celebrate your Micro successes and keep it moving forward towards your Macro goals.

We hope this little tidbit helps.