Positive Vibes; Negative Splits


Positive Vibes; Negative Splits

On the gym wall of one of my favorite CrossFitters, Jacob Heppner’s gym, it reads, “Positive Vibes; Negative Splits.”  I love this saying; it is so simple and to the point.  

We all know what positive vibes mean– with everything that’s going on in the world, I think it’s especially important to stay positive and treat people kindly. In the gym, we’re all teammates on Team Shoreline CrossFit and most of us have become good friends outside of the gym as well.  But never underestimate a smile, post-workout fist-bump, or buying someone a coffee at Willoughby’s; this can make a huge difference in someone’s day including yours.  

In terms of CrossFit, “negative splits” means that your rounds get faster each round, or the second half of your workout is done quicker than the first. However, when it comes to endurance, negative splits are an effective way to build both your aerobic base and mental toughness.  Some of us are better at pacing than others, but I think we could all benefit from going out a little slower.  

If you can keep your vibes positive and have a negative split approach to your fitness, you’re 100% winning in life and in the gym. And that’s the point…