The Law of Momentum…


The Law of Momentum…

What do many of our very fit, consistent members have that others do not? 

It’s not that they’re innately more disciplined, or dream of barbells and burpees.

It’s simple: they’re in a good routine and have momentum on their side.  

If you’re one of the individuals that are struggling with your workout regimen, nutrition, or have been inconsistent, it’s understandable.

These last two years have been a rollercoaster. But here’s how you can get back on track…

You’ve heard of Newton’s Law of Momentum, or some version of it.    

The Law of Momentum states:

1- It’s easier to keep a moving object in motion
2- It’s harder to stop a moving object in motion 

We all know starting anything is hard; especially starting over. It requires a lot of energy and quite frankly, it’s emotionally draining.  

But it all starts with one thought, then one literal step, then one workout or meal at a time. Then, force yourself to repeat tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, do these same small steps again. By this point you’re three days in and have…wait for it……MOMENTUM!  

We’re applying this logic to health and fitness, but this is applicable in all aspects of life. But getting health your health back starts with one healthy meal choice and one workout. Keep it simple and focus on small and consistent actions, not perfection.    

If you keep up your momentum, you’re more likely to keep going because you’re difficult to stop. It’s that simple. 

So, for everyone that’s struggling to start over, in the back of your head remind yourself to start small and it does get easier.    

We hope this helps!