Attention Members: YOGA is officially starting on Saturday, September 24th from 10:45-12 pm with Kai Winslow. This is a ALL LEVELS Yoga Class. The cost for this class is $12 for members and $20 for non-members due when you arrive. You'll need to bring your own yoga mat. For any questions or concerns, please email Please note that the Saturday 10:30 am class will be cancelled until further notice.
SPECIALTY CLINICS WITH MEG: Weekly specialty clinics will restart on Thursday, September 22nd at 5:30 pm. For any questions or special request on a skill please email


Saturday 09-24-16

In Teams of Two Complete:
BB Thrusters @75/55
Box Jumps @20/16
Cal Row

Partner A will complete the full round of 21’s (all 3 movements) before tagging in partner B to complete their set of 21’s (all 3 movements). This will continue for each round of 18-15-12-9.

Score: Total time.

Conditioning Program Description


Sunday 09-25-16

400 Meter Run
100 Anchored Ab Mat Sit Ups
400 Meter Run
75 Air Squats
400 Meter Run
50 Push Ups
400 Meter Run
25 Strict Pull Ups
400 Meter Run

Symmetry Program Description