Last weekend, I flew to Chicago for my brother’s surprise 50th Birthday party. It was a great time, and I especially loved seeing family and old friends.

During a conversation with my younger cousin Danny, he couldn’t comprehend how all the ages blended together. You see, when we were younger, our 4-year age difference was a big deal, but not anymore. In fact, we were discussing our 50th birthdays and how we would celebrate. In true DP fashion, I made it clear that I wouldn’t be celebrating, so don’t write on my Facebook wall, or even call me…

But now Danny is 40 years old, a husband, a father, a world traveler, and although it’s not super relevant, an uber-successful entrepreneur. He has it all, right?! But in talking to him, he brought up some of his health issues and concerns, and they’re encroaching on his lifestyle rapidly.

The dude has a personal trainer, a boutique gym membership, just joined a yoga studio, and is currently intermittent fasting…. he’s looking for the fountain of youth. But this is all new to him as he’s ignored his health for years while building his business.

Thankfully, Danny recently made the decision to cut back on work and refocus on his health. This is the smartest investment he’s made in a long while.

I left the conversation with a few thoughts: our ages do really all blend together after a certain age. It’s a bit bizarre if you ask me…. Secondly, boy does time fly! It felt like just yesterday that my cousins and I were jumping barbed wire fences in camouflage for fun! Last but not least, if it means ignoring your health all together, the job isn’t worth it.

We’re a blessed community to know fitness and health are a priority, but that perspective can shift at any moment. It might not even be a conscious decision to ignore your health, but life happens and it’s easy to forget why we all started this journey.

I’ll leave you with this one thought: wealth isn’t measured by the house you have, the size of your boat, your resume, or your personal financial statement. YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH. Make time today, so that tomorrow we’ll all attend your milestone birthdays.