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Apr 15

“Happiness begins when we stop comparing ourselves to other people“. This quote was written on the whiteboard in main room last week for all of our athletes to consider. We compare. We compare ourselves to “famous” CrossFitters.  We compare ourselves to others in our region.  We compare ourselves to our peers working out beside us […]Continue Reading


Apr 09

No one is as aware of your performance as you are.  You have the slowest time in a WOD. You trip over a box and stumble.  You can’t quite get the hang of the push jerk.  Someone may notice.  Most people will not.  The fact of the matter is that most people are too involved […]Continue Reading

March Accomplishments

Apr 07

Even with the CrossFit Open Madness, you all still managed to achieve some awesome accomplishments during the month of March!  I’m quite sure there are many more accomplishments about which to be bragged….remember to write them up on the accomplishment board in the front of the gym! Deadlifts, Cleans, & Thrusters Matt Stebbins and Eric […]Continue Reading

And The Paleo Challenge Winners Are…

Apr 01

We proposed a four-week “realistic” Paleo-ish Challenge six weeks ago to the members of Shoreline CrossFit.  This challenge was designed to not be quite as strict as some of the Paleo challenges that we’ve hosted in the past, and to help some of our athletes escape the “winter funk”.  At the conclusion of the four-weeks, […]Continue Reading


Mar 26

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.” ~Anthony Robbins Rich Froning Jr. is a winner. Everyone knows this.  The dude has won the CrossFit Games three years in a row.  He has also dominated the Open for the last few years.  But did you […]Continue Reading

The Power of the Pat on the Back

Mar 24

It is said that most humans respond more favorably to positive reinforcement than they do to negative. The past few weekends, I have cheated on my diet.  This behavior leaves me feeling guilty, and like a sloth on Mondays.  I tend to constantly focus on everything that I do wrong– Had cheese on a burger, had a […]Continue Reading

Don’t Stop Now!

Mar 19

When CrossFit Open WOD 14.1 was introduced, everyone practiced their double-unders and power snatches.  Due to this fact, several athletes earned their first double-under and snatched better than they ever have. When 14.2 was announced, everyone practiced their chest-to-bar pull-ups and perfected their overhead squats.  Due to this fact, several athletes earned their first chest-to-bar […]Continue Reading