We're having our 5 Year Anniversary Partner Workout and BBQ on Saturday, August 16th. One workout time only. Immediately followed by some good food and friends. Save the date! More details to come!
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The Power of the Gym

Jul 28

In the summer, it’s easier for me to stop and smell the roses.  And when I remember to do this, I am reminded of how good they actually smell. Being a coach at Shoreline CrossFit is the best job in the universe.  Last Wednesday,  I took five minutes and watched the magic woven throughout our gym. […]Continue Reading

Pride in the Work

Jul 21

I was never used to getting anything but A’s.  Sure, there were a few B’s here and there, but those were classes about which I didn’t care much, classes that were too easy to try hard.  But when I got to college, things were different.  I was paying for these classes, all of them were challenging enough to the […]Continue Reading

The Now

Jul 14

“The now is the only thing that’s tangible; it’s the only thing that you can change.  Forgot about the next lift, next movement, next workout, the next week, whatever it is. Truly stay focused upon the only thing that matters, the only thing that you have a tangible affect on, which is the now.  That […]Continue Reading

June Accomplishments

Jul 09

“The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it.  What it makes of you will always be the far greater value than what you get“. –Jim Rohn Today, I had an athlete look at me mid-workout and say, “By the end of August, I’m going to have these wall-climbs […]Continue Reading

How Well Can You Move?

Jul 07

I realize that it’s been quite some time since I’ve linked one of Lisbeth Darsh’s articles to our blog.  Lisbeth is an “old-school” CrossFitter, who now works for CrossFit HQ, and writes a blog called “Words with Lisbeth”.  I just adore her writing, and think that she has great perspective on CrossFit and life. Check […]Continue Reading


Jul 01

Perspective is everything. You know this.  Having a bad day?  Change your attitude.  How, though, can we do this? Today, I had to row twelve, five hundred meter repeats.  Surprisingly, I wasn’t dreading this.  Why?  Here is how it was written: Complete 4 Rounds of: Row 500 m @ 70% Rest 2 mins Row 500 […]Continue Reading

A Reason to Donate

Jun 24

Pictured is the son of two of our dearest clients, Joe and Sofie Calamita.  When you see them at Shoreline CrossFit, smiling, you’d never know of many of the struggles that they’ve endured (and continue to) at home.  Both Joe and Sofie are veterans and both served tours in Iraq. They have been blessed to […]Continue Reading